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Key Masters Locksmiths

For Effective & Efficient Services

Who Are We?

Our company was founded 23 years ago…
While dealing with locks and keys we never had a request we did not comply with or couldn’t handle. We always do our job! We provide our rekeying, lockout, lock installing and keys copying services to both private and commercial customers. With our dedicated team we’re ready to answer your call for help anytime, any day, 24/7! For “Key Masters” locksmiths, any emergency becomes an immediately resolved issue!

What We Do

We are experts in locksmithing

Customer satisfaction is our guiding principle. We strive to ascertain that the client gets value for their money

On the market since 1994

Our Clientele Base

Commercial Banks
Building Societites
Government Departments
Private Companies
Residential Properties
Industrial Property Holders
Real Estate Agents
Leaders in all our fields

Services we provide




Having problems with locks or keys?

We guarantee our experts will be there to assist you when called!

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